What's New in Karvonite 5?


  • .NET Framework 4.5 support. Support for the new .NET Framework 4.5.

  • Portable object library. Target all frameworks with a single assembly file.The Karvonite Framework assembly is now a portable class library that works without modification in .NET Framework, Windows Store, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and Xbox 360 apps.

  • Seamless integration with different file systems. The new ObjectLibrary class brings a whole new concept around object libraries. They are no longer limited to a specific file system. 

  • Persistence Model Editor. 
    • The persistence model editor tool has been enhanced with a new look and feel. 
    • Transparently target any .NET Framework. You no longer need to define additional target platforms.
  • .KPMX file. This is the new file extension for persistence models.

  • Object Library Storage 5.0. The new object library storage is now faster and was enhanced to better support concurrency. This new storage is no compatible with older format.

  • Concurrency Improvements. Add the ability to merge collection and dictionary items.

  • Object Data Transformation. The new ObjectLibrary class allows you to perform object data transformation on the fly. It is now possible to compress or encrypt object data.

New Types

  • PersistenceModel. Provides a read-only view of a persistence model. The class also provides methods for querying the types and members included in the persistence model.

  • ObjectLibrary. A replacement for the older ObjectSpace class which is no longer available.

  • ObjectLibraryState. Describes the current state of an object library.

Removed Types

  • ObjectSpace. This class has been superseded by the ObjectLibrary class.
  • ObjectSpaceOpenMode. 
  • ObjectSpaceState.
  • ExistingFileAction.